Wifi for your holiday apartments

Hire our installation and maintenance WiFi service.

We install wireless Internet access and cable for homes and holiday apartments . We offer, for peace of mind and satisfaction of your guests, our maintenance service and personalized support moving us to the customer location for a very low monthly flat rate.

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Wifi on-board Mallorca

Internet access easily as if at home.

Imagine being able to browse and connect to your bank, company, email or use your nautical apps ( Iphone, Ipad , Android ,Windows phone... ) without having a mobile phone with an Internet connection.

Internet access via multiple device Wifi hotspots on yachts, boats, motor cruisers, motorhomes, caravans and canal boats. We supply long range Wifi systems, 3G mobile routers.

We install equipment to provide Internet access in your boat.

  • It works with any mobile operator.
  • It has a range of up to 5 miles offshore (depending on your operator chose).
  • Very easy installation.    
  • Supports 802.11b/g/n.
  • Download speed up to 3G / 4G
  • Secure access PIN.   
  •  It has configurable firewall.    
  •  Enables VPN connections.     
  • No user limitation.     
  • Possibility of VoIP telephony.

Public Wifi is available in marinas, bars and cafes, however, the low power of devices such as iPads and iPhones does not always allow connection from the yacht and necessitates a trip ashore.

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Save on your Internet connection.

We have much experience in the implementation of wireless services in Mallorca for communities of owners who want access to the Internet as a service of the Community and of value to your property. We also install this service in houses, hotels, restaurants and venues.

We are a company dedicated to the development, installation and maintenance of telecommunications projects, solutions for video surveillance, access control and automation as well as the implementation

Also offer installation and maintenance services for DTT antennas collective and individual television and door openers.

More than ten years in the world of facilities and the development of telecommunication projects guarantee our professional ability.

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Video surveillance in Mallorca

Video surveillance & access control in Mallorca

Designed to facilitate the tasks of Presidents of Communities and Property Administrators , we work for maintenance and installation of community video surveillance systems and access control devices, antenna DTT and designed to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of the installation tasks.

We also perform remediation work and replacement of antennas , cables and obsolete facilities.

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Service to share the Internet in yout Community

We make come Internet to Owners' Communities and holiday homes where other Operators of Telephony do not have network or it does not work out profitable for them. Characteristics of our service:

  • You have access to Internet in each of the housings at the Community.
  • WiFi in the gardens and community pools.
  • It reduces Internet costs  connection. It installs as if it were a service stairwell of his Community.
  • It is a closed service accessible only by residents of the Community.
  • If necessary , we can ride cable networks to provide access to the Internet.
  • WiFi repeaters installed inside homes to get a better signal.
  • We also contract with the telecommunications operator most suitable Internet access from your Community.

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