System of control of access and of transfer by fingerprint in Mallorca..

Management and control of workers' hours flexible, configurable and totally adaptable to the needs of each company. 

Includes the specific schedule of entry and exit of each worker.

Keep records for four years. In that period, they will be available to workers, unions, labor inspection and Social Security.

We install and maintain video surveillance systems

They allow both continuous recording of images or recording when some kind of movement is detected. We also install access control for Communities.

Also, to facilitate the tasks of Presidents of Communities and Property Administrators, we carry out maintenance work on DTT and satellite community antennas designed to guarantee the correct operation and conservation of community facilities in Mallorca.

We also perform sanitation and replacement of antennas, wiring and obsolete installations.

Hire our installation and maintenance WiFi service.

We install wireless Internet access and cable for homes and holiday apartments . We offer, for peace of mind and satisfaction of your guests, our maintenance service and personalized support moving us to the customer location for a very low monthly flat rate.

Ask for a no- obligation budget

Access the Internet as if you were at home

Imagine being able to navigate and connect to your bank, company, your email or make use of your nautical apps (iphone, ipad, android, windows ...) without having a mobile phone with an Internet connection. We install equipment to have Internet access on your boat in Mallorca. It works with any mobile phone operator. It has a range of up to 5 miles from the coast (depends on the contracted operator)

  • Very easy installation.
  • 4G technology
  • Secure access by PIN.
  • Allows VPN connections.
  • It has no user limitation.
  • You can watch your favorite series from your streaming platform.

Public WiFi is available in marinas, bars and cafeterias, however, the low power of devices such as iPads or iPhones does not always allow connection from the ship and makes it necessary to have to go ashore ...

Hire our WiFi installation and maintenance service.

We install Internet access via Wi-Fi in homes and holiday apartments in Mallorca.

For a very cheap monthly flat rate, we offer for your peace of mind and for the satisfaction of your guests, a maintenance service and personalized technical assistance by going to the customer's location. Ask us for information without obligation and we will contact you. Ask us for information